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Company Profile
Implication of Tronday
A brief history of Tronday
Corporate culture
Concepts of business operations and managements.


Definition of Tronday: The imaginary eighth day of the week. Speaking for a group of hard-working, innovative and customer-oriented young people,
we can work through even eight days a week to provide solutions. We focus on efficiency and customers’ needs to outstand competitors. We are better
in acting fast.


Guided by a belief that handbags, backpacks, tablet cases & all kinds of cute pencil cases would be an integral part of everyday life in every office and
in every home, John Zhang founded a factory in 2012, and then with the hard-work’s payoff, John renamed it as Tronday. Tronday’s devoted in
integrating practical function and fashion.


Now Tronday conducts its business activities to over 7 major market destinations worldwide by 2014. The factory specializes in qualified commodities and
service supply. For these few years, Tronday has been building up solid factory operation system and strict service managements that provide value to
current and future customers. Successful buyers understand that vigor and efficiency of the young people can result in great returns.


With the understanding that overseas buyers are in great demand of business partnership from a factory side, John positioned himself and his team
members as overseas buyer’s representatives to run among various markets, negotiate prices, monitor quality and guarantee ship dates. During this
period, John studied many repeated problems among other parallel factories and he did his upmost with team members to seek solutions. However, the
 best solution he finally came up with was to strictly comply the factory with international industrial standards, step by step. With the idea emerging, one
year’s preparation and customers’ great support, the factory is running more smoothly and growing faster, and so business flourished afterwards.


Besides, Tronday is devoted in building up a learning enterprise by holding intensive internal training for managers and supervisors, and external training
from third party, such as ITS, and field trips on more advantageous factories for team members. Constant personal and teamwork improvement training is
a hardcore execution within the factory, in order to keep up with more competitive challenges and higher customer requirements. Currently we have a l
ibrary corner to quench team members’ thirst for knowledge. In the long run, Tronday plans to have a digital library within the factory, an easier access
for all members to seek career growth. Hence outstanding service to customers will be then soon expected.


Besides the major business of supplying handbags, backpacks, fashionably stationary cases and tablet covers, Tronday’s purchase department, acting
as an customers’ overseas office, is also capable of sourcing different kinds of products for customers, especially those with small quantities. Products of
small quantity Tronday helps to source are normally consolidated with bulk products to ship out, so to save customers’ shipping costs, as one of our goals
to enhance customers’ advantage.


We guarantee to provide qualified products and services. It’s considered our responsibility to assist customers carrying out ideas into reality. Your
business expansion is our uppermost expectation.



Our factory is your factory. We devote our every effort to serve our valued customers. And we don’t break our promises.

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