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Tronday – One-day trip to Xichong Beach
Edit: Kamy   Click: 4570   Date:2015-6-22

Tronday – One-day trip to Xichong Beach

Add: Xichong Beach, Shenzhen

Date : June 20th,2015


During the traditional Chinese Dragon Boat Festival, we went for a relaxing and joyful trip on the beach, after half a year of hard work.


Playing with sands brings back your childhood memory.


Good parenting is being part of the game.


Go into the water and just enjoy yourself.


Water sports.


Sunbathing in the shade? However, we all got tanned.


Eating like a competetion. You don’t know how hungry we are after swimming and all the water sports.


Pretty women, walking down the beach…


Tronday flag! May Tronday grow stronger and better!


Tronday Xichong one-day trip in Shenzhen on Dragon Boat Festival

On June 20th, 2015 , all staff of Tronday went to Xichong Beach tourism region for a one-day trip. Away from the noises of a city and daily hard work, we immersed ourselves into the beautiful nature, enjoying the beautiful beach, warm sunshine and blue sea water.


Water sports became the highlight of the journey, until we all got exhausted. Some teamwork activities were held later on after a short time break.


Then the make-your-own barbecue is served and beer was just so soothing.


One-day trip was short but memory is long lasting. Tronday is just like a big family. We care for each other. Everyone’s already looking forwards to next trip.

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