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Tronday team members attended the 6th Chinese Culture & Entrepreneur Summit Forum held in Beijing.
Edit: Kamy   Click: 4411   Date:2015-9-15

Opening ceremony began with Chinese National Anthem.
Professor Yu Dan shared her opinions of our ancestor’s wisdom: value, attitude, morality, cultural cultivation, subtraction philosophy, etc.
Your world will be complete since you keep your mind clear. --- Yu Dan
Ex-military general shared his understanding of the Chinese Dream, which was proposed by President Xi Jinping .
Passionate Speech by Liang Renzhi, the Asian marketing expert.
Power of teamwork — passion, ambition, unity, one direction and one family.
Kungfu performance by the Shaolin temple.
Professor Zeng Shiqiang and our colleague, Lewis Liu.
During the four days learning, the major theme of protecting and inheriting our extensive and profound traditional Chinese culture deeply impacted us, and we learned that culture is one of the most important key factors to keep a company grow and prosper.
Also we realized that being unique makes a company successful after learning some impressive stories. Not only should we find and build the unique points of our own company, but we also need to strengthen it and make it hard to duplicate.
All Tronday team members are family. We are building a learning organization. Since we are Chinese descendants, Chinese culture is part of our learning practice. We will try to apply what we learned into our company to better fit our management. We are working hard so to realize our value and our grand goals!
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