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The sharing session - Learn From Haidilao Hot Pot
Edit: Kamy   Click: 4784   Date:2015-10-16

The sharing session - Learn From Haidilao Hot Pot


John announced the commence of sharing session of reading the book Learn From Haidilao Hot Pot.
Production supervisor, Yang, said what impressed her most is Mr Zhang(Haidilao owner) showed his complete trust to
his employees and belief in Haidilao. There is a famous saying in Haidilao is “Change your fate with your own hands.
Jiang Hong realized that Haidilao’s success is its cooperate culture, which is treating colleagues as family members.
Lewis Liu proposed his idea that manpower is the key source for a company, and there’s a lot we can learn and apply from it.
Everybody was listening carefully and taking notes.
John Zhang showed his concerns about how long could Haidilao run it’s business, as well as his high praise. Meanwhile, he
 shared two understandings of the Bucket Effect: Teamwork play is determined by the shortest board, however, leadership
is determined by the longest board.
Meeting came to an end with an exciting decision to experience Haidilao Hot Pot on Oct 18, 2015.
7:30 pm, Oct 15, 2015, Tronday team members held a sharing session of reading Learn From Haidilao Hot Pot.
In the process of building a learning organization, this time we all read the book and could not wait to share our opinions.
Everyone showed his/her insights. What is Haidilao? How did it start from scratch? What is its corporate culture? Why its
employees voluntarily work so hard? Why the managers are all so young and experienced? We vastly shared our points
of views on its management、astonishing service、employees’ enthusiasm at work、play-mahjong work style, etc. But what
is suitable for us? How do we apply them? We will try our best and we will see in the near future.
At last, John Zhang invited every one of us actually experience it ourselves by having dinner there.


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